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     Beton is the official token of the web platform.The goal of Beton is to make gaming much cheaper by charging absolutely no commission and also allowing maximum customization of gaming.

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We Are Building The most trusted Decentralized Gaming platform

The goal of Beton is to make gaming much cheaper by charging absolutely no commission and also allowing maximum winning from  gaming.


Safe and Secure

Building Beton Blockchain to make Slot Gaming safe secure and Decentralized.


Protected by insurance

Beton provide insurance to every Gamer who use Beton token to play.


Industries best price

Beton provide lowest and best price in whole Gaming industries.

Usses of Beton blokchain

 Gaming industry faces some significant challenges.Dominance of online play agencies is forcing players to pay increasingly higher price for gaming. We are using potential of blockchain technology and crypto currency to eliminate all costs coming from third parties. With the Beton token, you can play various gambling games on our platform with a 33% chance of winning.


Secure Funds Management

Carrying cash and card is risky and hard during play but player can use Beton token as a alternative of cash or card.


Beton Wallet

Beton also working to buid a Decentralized wallet where users can deposit and withdraw Beton token and other crypto worldwide.


Amazing Rewards

Beton Offering amazing rewards to there holders and players who use Beton on there play.


Debit/Credit Cards

Beton also offer Debit cards and credit card to there holder which can use internationally.

How to Buy Beton Token

its very easy to buy Beton token you just need to follow this three steps.


Connect Metamask or open site in Trust Wallet

connect metamask with our website or open our website in trust wallet Dapp's Section.


Send TRX on Given Presale Contract Address

send TRX on Given Presale Smart Contract address or Scan QR code to make purchase.


Add Tokens in Wallet

Once You pay TRX you will recive tokens instant in your wallet , you just need to add tokens in your wallet for that you need to copy token contract address and then go to add custom token and paste contract address and add token, thats it.


Build the future
of Gaming

Beton is the official token of the web platform. For unlimited access to all the games on this site, it is enough to have Beton in your wallet. You can convert your existing token to usdt at any time by swapping within the site or on the exchanges. You will be able to buy Beton tokens from the instant depositor here, with a credit card or swap feature..

If you do not have the habit of gambling, it is not a problem, it is in your interest to still have concrete in your hand. Because each token transferred in the ecosystem will increase the value of the product in your hand. In this sense, you will be a party to the winner..

Token and PreSale Details

Here You can check our token details and Presale information.

Token Name


Token Symbol



Binance and TRON Chain

Token Price

2.75 USDT = 1 BETON

Pre Sale HardCap

5.500.000 Usdt

Token for Presale

5,000,000 Beton

Total Tokens

21,000,000 BETON



Decentralized PreSale

You can Directly send TRX to Given address to buy Beton Token from your binance smart chain an trx wallet

PreSale Address: PreSale Starts

Your Wallet Address:
Token in Your Wallet


Token Management

Here you can see our token management.

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution


Here you can check our roadmap to know about our current and future updates.

Project Idea and PreSale - Feb, 2022

Token Creation - Ended
Website Creation - Ended
PreSale - Going On

Business Conception - July, 2022

Listing in SunSwap -Ended
Listing on swaps
Listing on Nomics,Coinpaprika,Coincodex,Coincheckup

Listing on Top Exchanges- Jan, 2023

Listing on Exchanges

Wallet development and Marketing - July, 2023

Official Wallet release
Community Development.

Project Development - Sep, 2023

Launch of Own Swap
Website Redesign. Start Games.

Blockchain Development - Nov, 2023

Beton Blockchain Development. Betchain

Board Advisor

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A.Vahid Al-Obaid

Blockchain Developer

Natalia Surovtseva

Project Manager

Catherine Elise

CEO, Beton Protocol

Mehmet Turkmen

Marketing Head

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